Largest swingersclub in Sweden since 1998


1. To gain access to Club Adam & Eva you have to be over 20 years old, 25 for singelmen.


 2. We have strict privacy. Do not talk about what happens at the club, either outside the club or among members. No names will be mentioned!


3. A no is a no and must be strictly respected by all.


4. For everyone´s convenience, all guests staying in the wellness area and the playroom should be a bit more lightly dressed. You never have to be completely naked. During themeparties a different dresscode can be applied.


5. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks into the club.


6. Sale of drugs, stimulants or sexual services is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate suspension and police.


7. Disturbing persons will be expelled without refund of entry.


8. All forms of photographic equipment and cellphones are not allowed in the club.



Contact us:

Phone: +46 704 52 56 54




9 pm – 2 am, the doors close at 11.30 pm

9 pm – 3 am, the doors close at 11.30 pm